About Us

The Founder

Godfather 1986 is the brainchild of Aaron Angeles. It all started with an idea and a belief that we Filipinos can also create world class products. Armed with only Php 5,000, Aaron ventured to Marikina where he met all the right people who helped the brand get to where it is now. He is Godfather’s Founder/ Designer / Visionary / CEO / CFO / Auditor. In his free time, Aaron loves to read books, watch motivational videos and play tennis.


Ayn Angeles is the wind beneath Godfather 1986’s wings. She is the co-founder and the woman behind Godfather’s marketing campaigns and ladies’ line. Aside from Godfather 1986, Ayn is also busy being a wife to Aaron and a first-time mom to their daughter, Anielle.

What We Do

We design and create shoes that are perfect for each gentleman’s feet. From the complexities of the design, perfecting the pattern on the shoe last, up until the finishing stage, we ensure that quality, design and comfort are not compromised.

Our Vision

To build a “Proudly-Filipino” brand that will not only be known for its quality, design and comfort locally, but also all over the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring back the pride and confidence of Filipinos in locally-made products. We aim to show that Filipinos can also create products that can compete with, if not exceed, other foreign brands.